Maintenance training

Designed for technicians and takes place at your wind farm, utilizing OEM Maintenance documents as your baseline reference. Additional considerations will be discussed to enhance maintenance activities, with a focus on addressing safety aspects and current faults in the maintenance procedures whenever feasible.

What is the course about?

Over two days, we will utilize the OEM maintenance documents. The training will commence with the Trainer leading the demonstration of each check. Subsequently, participants will ascend to the nacelle and be divided into two teams.

Each team will be assigned specific checks, with allocated time for preparation and subsequent presentation to the other team. The session concludes with feedback provided by the trainer.

Each check will be allocated a category of what type of check is as well as how critical the check is for asset integrity by use of traffic light colors.

Throughout the course, teams will analyze current faults in the wind farm and propose additional maintenance checks to prevent the recurrence of these issues in the future.

maintenance program

Why maintenance training with dwpa?

We believe that a company’s greatest asset is its workforce. Our maintenance training is an investment aiming to increase the efficiency and productivity of your staff.

The course intends to motivate and develop technical staff to dedicatedly follow detailed working procedures and safety requirements.

Together we improve site performance, work activity efficiency whilst also developing a more versatile workforce.

Through this training, your technicians will be able to refine existing maintenance practices by developing an understanding of why they are carrying out tasks, recording of work activities in each asset improving the quality of the maintenance in each turbine.

We intend to share skills and knowledge of new tooling and measurement methods ensuring best practices. Promoting effective use of your resources, from external contractors, record keeping and communication across all internal and external teams.

Participants will gain expertise in conducting maintenance activities effectively, efficiently, and safely, thereby maintaining the asset in optimal condition and addressing any underlying issues. The training emphasizes the correct utilization of work procedures.

Technical experts certified learning facilitators

All our courses are delivered by an experienced wind professional. it is essential for us that all trainers who deliver this course are platform specialists. On top of this, all our trainers must pass a 2-year external trainer program certified by TüF. Ensuring top-class training and results for you.

Through assessments carried out during the training, we will contribute to the individual technicians’ future learning pathway through detailed feedback from the Trainer. This will kickstart the progression of your workforce by focusing on the individual technician needs.

What to expect?

You can expect 100% hands-on, onsite practical training, with the theoretical knowledge needed to obtain the skills required. Your technicians will be able to identify potential future failures in the mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic systems. Through these technicians can contribute to ongoing improvement points in all maintenance carried out.

Using your wind farms’ common faults, starting with a discussion for refining OEM checklist and ending with new actionable improvements to future practices to ensure dynamic, effective, preventative maintenance.

We will emphasize the importance of detailed, documented record-keeping on all activities carried out in the wind turbine. This will lead to a customized maintenance solution that suits your business needs. Allowing you to plan and achieve your goals more effectively.

Who can benefit from the training?
  • Field technicians performing maintenance
  • Lead technicians
  • Technical support Engineers or Supervisors

The outcome

The prerequisites for the course include an advanced understanding of generic and specific turbine components, a basic technical education, and either 3-4 months of fieldwork in the actual turbine type or a year of experience in other turbine types.

Qualifications Post-Training:

Upon completion of the training, participants attain the competency level of a “Qualified Person with specific turbine type Field maintenance skills.” This achievement is determined through an assessment process that evaluates the individual’s ability to:

    1. Demonstrate proper Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) and Safety Awareness.
    2. Acknowledge the importance of a maintenance organization and operations team, and can contribute to future development.
    3. Display accurate usage of maintenance checklists.
    4. Demonstrate correct utilization of maintenance manuals.

Attaining the necessary passing threshold leads to the awarding of a Certificate.

The practicalities

Our trainers deliver this course at your wind farm location. The turbine designated for the class must be fully operational and free from any active faults or alarms.

Effective training delivery necessitates careful planning. We will ensure to identify the necessary tools, PPE, documents, and software required for a successful course start. Additionally, participants will bring thier own lunch packets to be consumed within the turbine throughout the course.

Ensuring your safety is our utmost priority. Before the course commences, we will review the applicable safety documents to uphold both yours and our minimum safety standards. Examples of such documents include Risk Assessment (RA), Approved Work Order (AWP), Safety Work Method Statement (SWMS), and Toolbox Talk (TBT).

Given that there will be 4-5 additional individuals in the turbine compared to a standard maintenance team, we have an Emergency Escape Plan tailored to the specific turbine type and class size. This plan includes the necessary evacuation tools.

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