dwpa Competency Pathway

dwpa’s Competency Patchway presents our road to excellence. It is possible to join the pathway at any point that fits your current level. When necessary, we conduct an assessment to determine the best courses for you
Provides the knowledge and functional understanding of the technologies, components, and systems that are used within a wind turbine.
1- or 2-day training pr sprint. Enhances specific competency within 5 topics; Electrics, hydraulics, mechanics, controls, & gearbox.
5-day intensive theory class to provide a deep awareness of all your specific turbine systems and subsystems with real life examples and customized to your needs.
Advanced Platform Theory: Refresh
1 or 2-day training per sub-system class/es to provide a deep awareness of your specific needs and customized to your knowledge gaps.
Practical, hands-on training to develop specific competencies required to undertake defined scheduled maintenance activities typically based on OEM docs.
Practical, hands-on training to develop a deep understanding of TS methods, techniques, pre-analysis to find the root causes in all scenarios.
Quality Inspections - IQI, MQI, EOW
Practical, hands-on training to reach a comprehensive understanding of the importance of quality inspections and assess the activities to reach the correct level of quality.
Technical Support
Pragmatic on-site or remote support to explain solutions that will solve the unique challenges faced by wind farm owners and operators.
Remote Operations
Provides deep understanding of operations of turbine systems, specifically associated with and affected by remote operation and control.

On-site: At customer windfarm/office

Remote: Trainer led from dwpa studio

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