Technical On-site Field Support service for Wind Farms

dwpa's Technical On-site Field Support service is a dedicated solution tailored to address the unique challenges faced by wind farm owners and operators.

With decades of collective experience in the wind energy industry, we understand that wind farms are not immune to technical issues. That is where we come in – offering expert assistance tailored precisely to your requirements.

In addition to addressing specific challenges, we firmly believe in proactive preparedness. That is why we make it a priority to equip your local team with the knowledge and skills needed to prevent similar issues in the future.

Our mission is clear: to ensure your wind farm operates at peak performance while proactively mitigating potential issues.

Resolving Common Wind Farm Challenges

Owning and operating a wind farm comes with its own unique set of challenges.

These challenges can significantly impact the efficiency and productivity of your wind turbines.

We can help you with:

  • Equipment Failures and Performance Fluctuations
  • Maintenance Challenges
  • Data interpretation
  • Reappearing errors keeping your turbines down.
  • Using correct troubleshooting methodology
  • Using correct measurement techniques
  • Understanding technical problems to avoid wasteful “part swapper” tendencies.
  • Explain the typical Achilles heels on your platform and how to stay on top of them.
  • Plan for solid and efficient maintenance campaigns
  • Best practices for keeping office, warehouse, tools, trucks & turbines organized.
  • Getting turbines back on the grid safely and faster
  • Improving your Levelized Cost of Energy
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Tailored Solutions for Wind Farm Issues

When an issue arises, our expert trainers provide swift on-site support to minimise downtime and maximise productivity. While the approach is customised to address your specific issues, our general process consists of four well-defined steps.

Site Analysis

We begin by conducting a comprehensive site analysis with the local team. We combine insights from site managers and technicians with data from logs, alarms, warnings, and internal systems. This data is meticulously analysed to create a targeted action plan. Importantly, we educate your team on data analysis, ensuring that data is actively leveraged for decision-making, ultimately saving time and optimising wind turbine performance in the future.
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Collaborative Troubleshooting

Once we identify the root causes, we work hand in hand with your team to prepare for efficient issue resolution and prevent recurrence. This preparation encompasses knowledge about spare parts, tools, implementation strategies, and reporting.
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Issue Resolution

Together, we then head to the site to rectify the issues. In addition to addressing immediate concerns, we ensure that the team is updated on best practices for wind farm.
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Cultivating Best Practices

Simultaneously, we instil good working habits within your team to optimise efficiency, reduce downtime, and foster collaboration between different teams on the same site.
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Enhance Your Wind Farm with dwpa's Support

At dwpa, we are more than technical trainers; we are your partners in wind farm success. Our Technical On-site Field Support service is designed to enhance wind farm performance while preventing disruptions.

Get in touch to explore how our expertise can elevate your wind farm operations and optimise your energy output.

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