Advanced Platform Theory

Enhance your skills and broaden your horizon with a training course meticulously designed for your wind park’s success.

What is Advanced Platform Theory training?

This advanced training course, based on specific data from your wind farm and the issues that you experience, goes beyond the basics, immersing participants in advanced theoretical concepts, cutting-edge problem-solving, and hands-on applications to optimize performance and production.

The certification opens the door to unmatched expertise in the field for wind turbine technicians, site leads, and supervisors, while remaining adaptable to deliver value for back-office support staff, asset managers, remote operations, and field engineers.

Our 5-day theoretical classroom course is a deep dive into the intricacies of a specific wind turbine model. We do not just teach theory. We tailor the training course around your turbines’ unique characteristics, pre-empting breakdowns, and unplanned stops.

Our perspective is that participants first need a comprehensive understanding of when the specific turbine achieves optimal performance for its age and condition. This insight empowers them to foresee potential issues and address them proactively.

Why choose dwpa's advanced Platfoorm training course and certification?

dwpa is a leading training provider with a decades-long legacy. Our global presence ensures trainers located across most of the world, ready to bring this comprehensive course to your doorstep.

What sets us apart is our commitment to customization. We analyse your wind turbines’ data beforehand, tailoring the course content to address the specific issues your wind park faces.

With dwpa, you are not just getting a training course; you are gaining a strategic advantage against potential challenges.


Who can benefit?

Advanced Platform Theory training is primarily designed for wind turbine technicians, site leads, and supervisors, our course is adaptable to also cater to a broader audience, including back-office support staff, asset managers, remote operations, and field engineers.

In a rapidly evolving industry, our certification adapts to meet the demands of diverse roles within the wind energy sector.


What level should you be at to participate?

This training course assumes a foundational understanding of wind turbine technology, but it welcomes participants of varying expertise levels. Whether you are an intermediate technician or a seasoned professional, our curriculum is structured to challenge and enrich your knowledge, regardless of your starting point.

Before the training course, we conduct a comprehensive assessment to tailor the learning experience to your individual knowledge and experience, ensuring optimal engagement and skill enhancement.

What can you expect from the course?

The course kicks off by exploring how your specific wind turbine model should ideally function based on age, location and specifics to the wind turbine platform and model, laying the foundation for early issue detection.

Subsequently, the course progresses into foundational knowledge, mechanical intricacies, hydraulic systems, electrical components, and control systems. This holistic approach ensures you leave with a thorough understanding of the specific wind turbine model to optimise production and avoid unplanned shutdowns.

What are the Practicalities?

We are dedicated to offering a flexible and convenient learning experience.

While our preference is to conduct the courses at your wind park or offices, we understand that it might not always be possible. In such cases, the online option provides flexibility without sacrificing the quality of the learning experience.

For on-site courses, we maintain an intimate learning atmosphere with a maximum of 12 participants, and for online distance learning, the limit is set at 10. This ensures a personalized learning environment.

Read more about our remote training here

What do you get out of the course?

The certification you earn is not just a testament to completing the course; it is a declaration of your competence to troubleshoot issues and adeptly handle the specific wind turbine model you have been trained on. The training course helps you elevate your career, gain a competitive edge, and become a sought-after expert within wind energy.

Contact us to explore how we can create a training course customised to your specific needs to harness the full potential of your wind park.

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