About DWPA

We are a dynamic, agile company whose scale allows us to ensure a strong bond and connection across our global team as well as with our customers.
We support our customers via the delivery of a range of services.

We were formed in 2004 with a single, and very clear purpose – to help owners/operators and maintainers of Renewable Energy assets improve their operational performance and realise their strategic ambitions by helping them develop a deep understanding of their assets, and of the ways in which they could optimise their operation and maintenance activities to achieve (or exceed!) their performance goals in a safe and sustainable manner.

We set out as wind turbine experts with a deep respect and understanding of the importance of service and maintenance activities – determined to change the wind industry by developing ways to translate this knowledge and experience into programs which would enable our customers and partners to develop the technical competencies required to control their own destiny, and meet the evolving needs and challenges associated with their assets over their lifetime.

Throughout this journey we have trialled and developed innovative and highly effective learning delivery solutions, and we have learned a huge amount with our customers and global partners about what does and does not work along the way, which has allowed us to evolve into the industry leading independent provider of technical competency development support that we are today!

This journey is continuous and we are always striving to find new ways to combine the latest technical knowledge and understanding, with thought leading learning delivery approaches – We.Never.Stop! …because we do not want your assets to stop!

Our success is underpinned by our strong sense of purpose and positive company culture – and by creating a home for those with a passion for improving performance and sharing knowledge in new and creative ways, we have developed an incredible team, and we look forward to the ongoing evolution of DWPA and developing new and exciting solutions which will ensure that our success will continue to benefit our customers and partners!

Participant Feedback

“I think the thing I enjoyed the most was how friendly the class felt and how much we talked about each topic in depth.”

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