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We enable you to optimize your operational performance – by developing tailored training solutions for your people.
Danish Wind Power Academy
We develop the people who deliver your results

We believe that people are the power behind wind power. By carefully investing in the competence of your people – you can positively affect the performance of your assets!

In addition to achieving reduced downtime – and optimized performance, investing in the competency development of your people will also improve staff engagement and productivity and enhance staff retention.

On-site, cross brand training

We provide both in-person and online distance learning classroom-based delivery options as well as in-turbine practical training. We will work closely with you to define the optimal delivery solution for your specific needs whilst optimizing training costs and the impact on the productivity of your staff.

Why Us

We think globally and act locally – combining our awareness of global best practice and deep technical knowledge with an appreciation of local market-specific and cultural factors, we ensure that our solutions meet your local needs!

Our Team

We have a highly skilled and dynamic team comprised of Wind Turbine technical experts, data analysts, project managers and co-ordinators all supporting the activities of our highly experienced Trainers.

Our Approach

We work with you to understand your organizational model and your strategic objectives and then we tailor our programs to meet your specific needs, delivering our solutions at a location which works best for you – ensuring that training time and costs are optimized!

Our Commitment

We are passionate about developing people and improving performance – its what we do, and it’s all that we do! Improving operational performance via the development of the competency of your people is what were established to do – and you will have our undivided attention and support

Our Results

We have assisted owners, operators, maintainers and wider supply chain providers from across the global wind industry realize their desired operating strategy and achieve enhanced performance from their assets, whilst also enabling them to work in a safe and sustainable manner

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How we work

We adapt our programs to meet your specific needs and incorporate the actual operating data from your projects into our training delivery to ensure that our content is highly relatable to your people – and speaks directly to them

Training your people
to improve your business

Training by Wind Turbine Type
From new models - to legacy technology

Training by Wind Turbine Type

We have developed wind turbine type-specific technical training programs to support the most common wind turbine types installed globally.

Our technical program content has evolved over many years, based on our deep technical knowledge and our firm understanding of the operating environment within the global wind industry.

Our relentless commitment to ensuring continuous improvement and embracing innovative solutions to support knowledge transfer means that we are continually expanding the range of turbine types we support and our methods of delivery and we are always happy to discuss your emerging needs

From new staff to experienced resources

Job role focused training

Our competency development solutions support each stage of the development journey of your field-based and off-site teams.

We adopt a holistic view in relation to what is required to drive the highest levels of operational performance and we firmly believe that it is essential to build a strong operational performance culture by developing a common operational awareness and understanding across field-based and off-site roles.

Courses to support all aspects of operational management

Training by course type

We have developed a range of courses to support all aspects of windfarm operations, from technician development to off-site technical support and remote operations staff

Global Presence.
Local Focus.

Since our formation in 2004, we have made it our priority to develop a deep understanding of global operational best practice and to find ways of sharing this knowledge with our customers to help them improve the operational performance of their assets.

We are extremely proud of our Danish heritage, which has given us a strong connection to the earliest origins of modern wind turbine technology, but we have always had a global outlook and by developing a highly skilled and diverse team (based in all key markets) we have been able to ensure that we have a firm understanding of local market-specific factors and challenges and this knowledge is used to ensure that the delivery of our training programs achieves the maximum impact with your participants.


Our global activities are co-ordinated directly from our Head Office in Denmark, and are supported via our operational ‘Hubs’ in the US, Italy, Turkey and the UK & Ireland

Participant Feedback

“Wide range of classes and topics. Good for everyone from someone just starting out in wind to advanced Troubleshoot technicians”

Working at DWPA


At DWPA we have carefully developed a multi-skilled, diverse and agile team to support our global activities. In addition to our team of highly experienced Trainers we have a range of other roles within our business, from data analysts to project co-ordinators and our organizational model is continually evolving to meet the changing needs of our customers within the Renewable Energy Sector.

We provide a safe haven for those who have a passion for sharing their knowledge and experience in an effective way to support the improvement of the operational performance of our customers, and who thrive within an open and inclusive environment where a culture of continuous improvement and innovation underpin all activities.

If you have a passion for making things better, sharing your knowledge to help others develop and to support the fight against climate change then check out our open vacancies or simply get in touch to see if we are the right fit for the next step in your career!

Our Thoughts & Ideas

The easiest faults to fix are the ones that do not occur!

We believe firmly in the direct correlation between planned (preventative) maintenance and unplanned (corrective) maintenance activity, and that by investing in your resources to ensure the timely delivery of planned maintenance activities to the correct quality standard you will greatly improve the operational performance of your assets.

In our vast experience, investing in your people to ensure that they have the required competency levels to execute your operating strategy is the best way to achieve sustainable high performance levels.


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