Revolution – Not Evolution!

Revolution – Not Evolution!
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The world renowned musician James Levine once said “We are in the midst of an Evolution – not a Revolution”...

but at DWPA we firmly believe that we are in the midst of a Revolution …… as we are working extremely hard to revolutionise the way that wind turbine technical competency development support is provided!

Since our formation in 2004 (a time well before the term ‘academy’ was fashionable!) we have been innovators in developing new approaches to the way that wind turbine technical competency development support has been delivered. Our core mission, which we have never deviated from, is to improve the performance of your Renewable Energy assets by focusing on the people who deliver your operational performance.

We have one focus - you

Your people are our focus, and they are our ONLY focus, and by not being distracted by other organizational activities and priorities we have been able to listen, learn and develop tailored competency development solutions to maximise the impact for your business.
Over the years we have been able to trial many different methods and approaches and work out what has the greatest impact, all the time staying very close to our customers to ensure that we evolve with them within what is a very fast moving and changing sector. We need to be both technical experts and learning experts and marrying both of these elements, and coupling them with our un-biased and completely independent position, is what will continue to set us apart.
In addition to adjusting to the dynamic needs of the Renewable Energy sector, we have also adjusted quickly to the changing needs of the world around us and have embraced digitalization and the latest educational approaches and this has allowed us to actually improve our delivery despite the significant challenges of the global pandemic and other world events in recent years.

Going the distance to ensure quality

A great example of this innovation is the development of our online ‘Distance Learning’ solution ….. in addition to allowing us to support our customers during the toughest lock-down periods (when we would have otherwise have not been able to deliver training), our Distance Learning solution also supports one of our primary company Goals – to reduce the carbon footprint of our activities and make our activities more sustainable!

Simply doing the same thing, but adopting new digital tools, would have been ‘Evolution’, but the ‘Revolution’ has come from completely transforming our delivery approach to replicate the ‘hands on’ group interaction as far as possible, which is such an important part of our approach. The best example of this is the recent re-boot of our entry level ‘Wind Turbine Technology Essentials’ class (to what we now call our ‘2.0’ version). We have added many new elements to enhance the participant experience and so far the participant feedback has been excellent and has validated the effort and commitment we made to this change!

A quest for continual improvement

We won’t stop in our quest for continual improvement ….. and whilst we will naturally always improve and ‘evolve’ the things we have developed, we are determine to keep the momentum on bringing through the many new and exciting developments we have planned to support the Competency Development ‘Revolution’ that we believe in!
Revolution – Not Evolution-improvement
Revolution – Not Evolution-Reference
Participant Feedback

“It felt like hands on training even though it was online. Great instructor and great atmosphere to be in.”

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