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dwpa 2.0
Our people are our success

"Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people."

Steve Jobs

As a fast growing global company with employees located all over the world, operating under a consistently high level of customer demand, it can be challenging to allocate time to bring our people together to support our ongoing development as a team. However, as a people focused company who genuinely understand that our people are our success, we took the time to do just that recently.

We did this as part of our annual team communications cycle, in order to compliment the other day-to-day and weekly/monthly interactions we have across our team, because we believe it is essential to ‘press pause’ in our hectic everyday lives once in a while and remind each other of the things that have made us such a cohesive, high performing team – and more importantly, what will keep us there within the complex and constantly changing operating environment that we work within!

We also felt that now was the right time to bring our team together as we are mid-way through our current 5-year (2021-25) growth plan, and this has resulted in organizational transformation on a scale that has not been seen within dwpa before – to the extent that we feel that we have now arrived at dwpa 2.0.

The key aims of our Team Event were to:

Achieve Alignment – by developing a common understanding of our vision and our short, medium and long term goals (and the strategies we will adopt to achieve them) we want to ensure that our people know what this means for them and their personal development today and in the future and helps us grow together.

Energise and Motivate – as part of a small, agile company on a steep growth path, we know how much commitment and energy it takes to achieve the phenomenal results we have achieved so far without compromising quality so it was important to ensure our team left the event energized and ready for the challenges ahead.

Enhance Bonds/Connections – driving a shared identity and strengthening team bonds can be challenging within a highly mobile team located across several different countries, so we focused on building the event with an emphasis on sharing and learning in a meaningful and fun way to allow us to develop the strong bonds and connections necessary to achieve our ambitious goals.

In recent years, DWPA has been on a mission to create a company where we can balance our priorities of delivering an excellent customer experience whilst also ensuring that our team enjoy a world class ‘people experience’ when working with us – and we genuinely believe that both of these aims are completely aligned.

Team event

A mix of development and collaboration

Our customers and partners turn to us to support the development of their knowledge, skills and competence in the Renewables Sector, and we believe that the best outcomes are achieved by collaborating and sharing our respective experience.

Internally, we recognize that we have a diverse team and that our collective performance is optimized by ensuring that everyone is enabled to perform to their highest level and that is why we invited SiriusPartner to collaborate with us and build some activity based exercises to support the aims and themes of the event.

Focus on our core values and behaviors

Although there were several themes for the Event, one of the primary areas of focus for the entire event was a re-focus on our values and behaviors.

We believe that our values and behaviours are the foundation of our culture and they govern what we do and how we do it every day, whether we are in the office or conducting our training all over the world. Although the week has ended, and we have returned to our daily routines, we will maintain a continual focus on these core values, so that our customers and partners can experience the best version of us at all times.

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