Siemens courses

Today we offer following training courses within the Siemens program: 

SWT-1.3-62 CS, SWT 2.3 CS, SWT-2.3-82 VS, SWT-2.3-93, SWT-2.3-101, SWT-2.3-108, SWT-3.6-107 & SWT-3.6-120 

Ole Pedersen, instructor responsible for Siemens & Bonus courses, says:

With my over 10 years of experience of Siemens Wind Turbines I have learned firsthand, how important the correct approach to trouble shooting is.I will always strive for sharing my experience and knowledge, giving my students the very best tools in trouble shooting, and in this way reducing expensive turbine downtime. I pay great attention to error analysis, and when I adapt the training to your specific site, this becomes a valuable tool for the greater understanding of the turbine and site as a whole.

Please download the file below and get an overveiw of leading utilities and 3rd party service providers that have benefitted from our Siemens SWT 2,3VS training since June 2012 

Customer Reference List Siemens 23VS Training257kb


References - among others these clients have participated in a Siemens course

AES Wind Generation, US  -  B9 Energy, UK  -  Centrica Renewables, UK  -  Dong Energy A/S, DK  - DUKE Energy, US - EDF  Renewables, US - E.ON Climate & Renewables, US - ESB International Ltd, IE  -  Keppel Prince Engineering Pty Ltd, AU  -  Korean Register of Shipping, KR  -  Kruger Energy Inc., CA  -  Mainstream Renewable Power, IE  -  Meridian Energy Limited, NZ  -  Mitsubishi Power Systems, US  -  OGE Energy Cooperation, US  -  Pacific Hydro, AU  -  Pattern Energy, US  -  PMT ApS, DK  -  Portland General Electric, US -  RWE, UK  -  Upwind Solutions, US  -  Renewable Energy Systems, IE