Industry & Technology

Today our Industry & Technology program can be customized both with respect to number of days and to training content within the following turbines and their technologies: 

V44-600, V47-660/200, V52-850, V66-1.65, V66-1.75, V82/1.65, V80-1.8, V80-2.0, V100-2.0, V90-1.8/2.0, V90-3.0 & V100-3.0 

SWT-1.3-62 CS, SWT-2.3-82 VS, SWT-2.3-93, SWT-2.3-101, SWT-2.3-108, SWT-3.6-107 & SWT-3.6-120

B39/500, B44/600, B54/1000, B62/1300, B76/2000 & B82/2300

NM43/600, NM44/750, NM48/750, NM52/900, NM54/950, NM64/1500, NM72/1500, NM82/1500, NM72/1650 & NM82/1650 

Carsten L. Andersen, instructor responsible for the Industry & Technology training courses, says:

I personally developed our "Industry & Technology" course with the purpose of training new technicians with no previous turbine or technical background in a way so that they will get introduced to today's most common and selected turbine technologies. The basic idea with this training is that we have the possibility of putting together a program where the student will meet technologies from turbines in operation in his own area. We can simply select and present turbines from our program of more than 40 turbine types from 6 turbine manufacturers and make sure that we only spend time training our students in relevant mainstream technologies present and in operation on the market where they will start their new jobs as technicians. Furthermore with this program we have the possibility to work together with technical colleges and other public-training institutions, giving them the opportunity to take care of training within e.g. safety, basic hydraulics and electrics, and letting our training supply aspects specific to the wind turbine industry and technology. In other words we customise our "Industry & Technology course" to fit exactly the skills and background of your coming technicians, your country turbine portfolio as well as the possible local training suppliers you may already be in cooperation with. We have done this to generate the most efficient and valuable "beginner technician training" on the globe.   

References - among others these clients have participated in a tailor-made Industry & Technology course

WinWinD Ltd, FI - 3D Wind Service Oy, FI - Dong Energy A/S, DK - EnXco Inc., US - Laivasahkotyo, FI - Tejara Oy, FI - Vertek Systems Oy, FI - FAS Training Services, IE