GE courses

Training programs are available on the following GE platforms


  • 1.5MW platform: 1.5 - 70/77 SLE - DFIG, Bachmann controller - non-ESS
  • 1.5MW platform: 1.5/1.6/1.7/1.85 – 77/82.5/87/100/103 - ESS
  • 2.0MW platform: 2.3/2.5 GEN0 & GEN1 - 88/100/103/107

Available training programs:


  • Turbine training: Is a 5 day turbine specific theoretical class
  • Maintenance training: Is a 2 days hands-on training in the turbine
  • Troubleshooting trainingIs an up 3 days hands-on training in the turbine


Examination and certificate:

The turbine training program includes a 2 hour certification test. It contains 40 multiple choice questions covering 4 areas: Mechanics, Hydraulics, Electrics and Controls. To pass a minimum 75 percent score is required.

Maintenance and troubleshooting training certification are based on individual assesment by the instructor. To pass the participant will need to show save behaviour, correct understanding and usage of related troubleshooting methodology, work instructions and/or maintenance checklist, active participation and initiative.


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