Wide range of customized courses

We have worked with a wide range of global players and gained an understanding of what their drivers are, what their plans are and what has and hasn't worked in the wind sector. Based on this experience we have developed a range of turbine-specific and mainstream customised technical courses as well as seminars / business development..

60 turbines from 7 manufacturers where you can improve your performance with our training.

We offer training in wide variety uf turbines types, including brands like Vestas and Siemens.

Open courses in Denmark or set up at your site and home location.

A lot of our courses are conducted both as open courses and on-site training. For more information see explanation in the box on the right, or read more about the specific course in our brochures. These can be downloaded by following menu´s on the the left-hand side.

Specific courses and calendar

In the menu on the left you can find more information about the courses, and if you follow this link you have the possibility to download the course calendar for the open courses.

Do you prefer an on-site course?

If you have a specific need for turbine or maintenance training at your site, please feel free to contact us for further information. 

Do you prefer to sign up smaller groups or individual to an open course?

You can download our course calendar or course brochures by following this link , or you can tell us about your interest and let us work to collect other interested companies in your country for us to set up an open class close to your home and site location

Turbine course:

This is a theoretical module with a high focus on understanding the documentation and how to use this. Also very important is our complete turbine technology and function description of the selected turbine, as well as the manual operation and all typical Achilles heels in the turbine. We will create  your first important foundation for trouble shooting, but also put very important attention to the understanding of electrical, hydraulically and mechanical isolation as well as turbine safety matters for safe work in the turbine.   

Maintenance course:

These courses are conducted as hands-on and on-site, typically at our clients turbines with reference to his operation conditions and error lists. The training course is done by help of working procedures, checklists and technical documentation to understand written and "unwritten" topics in the checklist. It will also be on this training you will get your first practical experience operating the controller and turbine manually.

Operational challenges course:

We work with well known typical issues from the specific turbine, and how techs and site management can become more proactive in the matter of dealing with these often seen issues. We put high focus on understanding errors and consequenses of these errors for better and more effecient trouble shooting      

Trouble shooting course:

Focus on site specific trouble shooting related to selected systems and components, turbine training practical refreshment, how to increase unit / park performance with reference to operational condition. Training is developed upon client turbine operation data and error logs and always conducted on-site on the clients turbines. 

Performance surveillance course:

In this course we put strong focus on the individual turbines performance by being able to understand and evaluate operational data and the consequences of  these in the daily operation. Improve your operational excellence by leaning to evaluate your own turbines performance. Take further advantage of this and become able to question your own or your OEM operation staff.

EOW course:

We take start of departure in your site specific challenges and turbine conditions, with reference to installation / commissioning punch lists and available operational data for effecient unit / park performance evaluation. Complete "walk down" training is conducted for the client to understand what to look for and not at least how to report what he finds. 

Main component courses:

General or turbine specific blade or gearbox training with focus on understanding impact from daily operation, damage development, how to inspect and report in a proper way, as well as how to maintain the specific main component. Today we offer blade inspection and repair modules as well as gearbox modules. We are planning the development of a Converter module for 2014.  

Examination and certificate

A number of our courses lead to a final examination after which you will be rewarded with our certificate.