Strong culture

In Danish Wind Power Academy we wish - in a good way - to be "something out of the ordinary"! Our customers should feel that they achieve "something out of the ordinary" when they work together with us! As employees it is important to feel that there is a strong culture and total solidarity which in itself create great motivation and pleasure in the employment - a motivation and a pleasure which are imperative for long-term success and the ability to stick together in "difficult times"!

No mediocrity accepted

In order to achieve this we must make demands from each other and particularly from ourselves - and words like "good enough", "average" and "mediocre" must characterise neither our task solutions nor the employees who we have in our organisation at any particular time!

Always in front

If as a company we want to raise ourselves above "the grey average", we must work differently and more "focused" than all others. We must always be prepared to show initiative and to think along new lines.

Strong adabtability

A great willingness to make changes is an important condition in order for us to develop and to continuously adjust ourselves and the company to the outside world where demands and expectations are constantly changing!