Dear owner, operator & 3rd-party service provider

My name is Carsten and I founded Danish Wind Power Academy (DWPA) in 2004 on the basis of almost two decades of experience within the wind turbine industry. Let me share my passion for this industry with you below.

When I started as an OEM technician myself in 1989 and for more than 13 years to come, I very often felt as if it was my own responsibility to figure out what was going on in the turbines I worked with. If I received any training at all it was most likely that I was given training in work instructions, procedures and checklists that taught me how to maintain turbines in the right way when everything was working and ok. But it really did not tell me how to handle the unscheduled maintenance and shutdowns, where advanced troubleshooting was needed.

By spring 2000 I was given the opportunity to start at NEG-Micon as a service technician where I was working primarily with maintenance of Micon, Nordtank and of cause NEG-Micon turbines in Denmark as well as in Germany. Not surprisingly I soon joined an NM2000 training course where a highly discussed troubleshooting topic was the Active Stall pitch hydraulics with roots from Aero Laminates at Isle of Wight in the UK, reworked and further developed by AVN-Hydraulic in Denmark. At that moment in 2002 this NM2000 training was conducted for NEG-Micon by an external training provider who did not have any wind turbine knowledge and understanding and who again gave me another "check-list / procedure" training with not much substance. I did not hide my disappointment about the fact that NEG-Micon probably had close to 500 very knowledgeable engineers sitting in R&D a few kilometres away, and then I had to receive very necessary and important training from a trainer with no wind turbine knowledge what so ever.

As luck would have it in the autumn of the same year NEG-Micon decided to create a training department under Customer Service and I was asked if an instructor job would be of any interest to me. I immediately realised that I would have a chance to finally offer the kind of training I had been missing for almost two decades. The new training group of 6 people, including 4 instructors, was extremely focused on giving the "whole" training package and not only the usual "check-list training". The following two years the NEG-Micon technicians and sometimes even customers were trained intensively and very effectively in Denmark, India, Spain and not least in the US, until the merge with Vestas in December 2003.

During the merge at the beginning of 2004 I realised that our original CS-Education training group at NEG-Micon would come to an end and that was only a question of short time. I had seen the results of good and efficient training and the value it was bringing my good colleagues and it was not a difficult decision for me to create DWPA with the purpose of continuing my work with the training of
technicians from utilities, 3rd-party service providers and even sub-suppliers who were interested in knowing more about the wind turbines and how their own systems and components were affected by turbine operation.

And this is the reason why all of us at DWPA together have developed an innovative, educational concept for technical personnel at all levels from OMS of wind turbines. Today we offer a broad range of relevant courses ranging from essential, wind-industry training courses to more complex customer adjusted training courses targeted at operation of specific wind turbines all around the world.

I hope that all of us here at DWPA will have a chance to work with you and your company too so we can share with you our passion for wind turbines and best possible operation of these.

Kindest regards,

Carsten Lind Andersen / CEO