• ... work with the no. 1 independent training provider
  • ... improve performance by tailor-made trainings
  • ... see ROI on your training down to 20 days
  • ... improve CoE by optimizing your operation
  • ... go from reactive to preventive maintenance
  • ... be able to take over your OMS with success
  • ... find your tech´s developing "Generation Mindset"
  • ... be able to build up operational excellence

About us

  • DWPA are recognised as the premier, independent industry-training organisation within the wind-turbine industry.
  • DWPA provide in depth turbine-specific training, as well as basic beginners’ courses for the wind industry.
  • DWPA conduct seminars and business development sessions based on our understanding of the challenges for the global players, as well as their drivers and plans within the wind sector.

Why train your staff?

  • CFO asks CEO: "What happens if we invest in training and developing our people and then they they leave us?".
    CEO answers: "What happen if we don´t, and they stay?".
  • In 2014 we made our training help our clients world wide successfully take over and operate more than 3,2 GW of wind power after EOW.

Our typical clients

  • Owners & Operators
  • Portfolio-driven utilities
  • 3rd-party service providers
  • Sub-suppliers to the industry
  • Turbine manufacturers